Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts

Men, women, children, and senior citizens, all train Shoshin Ryu. It is a martial art with something for everyone. It provides the flexibility to handle most any situation and the diversity of techniques to adapt to any body. Whether a student, doctor, lawyer, nurse, secretary, house-wife, pilot, officer, teacher, counselor, or whoever, all are welcome! Shoshin Ryu is for everyone. Shoshin Ryu is a cooperative school rather than a competitive one. It is a traditionally based system which stresses self-defense and personal growth. Like many physical activities, Shoshin Ryu offers overall physical fitness (increased strength, flexibility, coordination, etc). It also provides stress release and increased mental “firmness and flexibility”.

It then goes farther by adding the self-confidence, calmness, and compassion that comes with a higher efficiency and effective self-defense system. Tolerance and loyalty stemming from its Japanese heritage are also developed. All this is done safely with limited risk of injury. Everyone is capable of making shodan if they train.

Shoshin Ryu gives each individual the opportunity to progress at their own pace. Through the opportunity to work with various students, one gains a variety of experiences. During the learning process, all students must attempt to keep an open mind. Do not feel that you are not ready to train (too old, too young, too overweight, too weak). Each journey must start with a first step.

It is sometimes slippery, the unknown, but do not be afraid – Shoshin people are warm, friendly and helpful. Remember, if you knew all the skills and answers you wouldn’t need the training. Everyone starts at the beginning! There is a mutual trust, cooperation, protection, and care for all. This is the truthful heart way.

Guiding Principles


Association is about friendship. Loyalty, support, and commitment toward a common goal will overcome all barriers. Shoshin Ryu shall remain open to association and friendship with all willing to enter. We will care for each other in the manner of the truthful heart school. Cooperation and Team Spirit

Trust and respect are the foundations of our team approach. Our partnership relies on the ability to work toward this vision and direct individual accomplishments toward the organizational objectives. Personal animosities, politics, self-aggrandizement, etc have no place in the development of oneself and thus have no place in Shoshin Ryu.

Profits are Non-Monetary

While it is necessary to collect dues to provide for the financial stability of the organization, we believe that the profits or benefits of the association are extended in ways which cannot be measured with money. We expet every student to participate with personal gain in mind, but not of the financial nature. The non-profit orientation of this organization shall be maintained.

Student Focus

Every practitioner of Shoshin Ryu is a student of the art and all students are important. This Ryu shall employ the Sempai – Kohai system (Junior – Senior relationship) to promote harmony and good will in the dojo and throughout Shoshin Ryu. The Senior Student board will act for all the dojos and their membership to provide a better future for the generations of martial artists to follow.


Shoshin Ryu practitioners develop their self-defense skills so that they cannot be physically hurt by others (Mushin: non-abiding mind). They develop their hearts and minds so others cannot emotionally hurt them (Fudoshin: immovable heart and mind). While capable of hurting others, we strive not to; in either the physical or emotional sense. Our watch words are humility, kindness and sincerity. This also implies the concern of safety and compassion for fellow students and the general public. Shoshin Ryu martial artists take responsibility for their actions and their own harmony.

Continuous Improvement

Shoshin Ryu is a martial art in the classical sense. It aims to develop the mental, physical, and philosophical side of the martial artist. We must continue to improve our performance both inside and outside of the dojo. No excuses, just joy in the journey. There is no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities. Always be a student.