Elders in Martial Arts

Think your too old to train or your age is the reason you can not do things… think again.

Kyuzo Mifune has been categorized as one of the greatest exponents of the art of judo. Mifune is in his 70’s in this video. His balance, timing and kuzushi are near flawless.

95 year old Lan Shou Chinese Boxer.  (fast and strong)

118 year old chinese martial artist.  (Note sure if he is really 118, but nice Kata)

81 year old man doing dips, pull ups, leg ups, and superman push ups.  Amazing core strength.  Nothing we all can’t do if we keep training!

73 year old working out at the street park.  Amazing core and full body strength.

70 year old body builder.  Gives you some idea of what is possible.

Iwata Sensei of Eishin Ryu: he is about 88 yo at this time.  (trained into his 90’s)

80 year old competing in sports Karate.  (move really well)