6 – How you Rest

The amount and quality of Rest you receive.

  1. The Ideal Way to Rest
    1. Sleep 7-8 hours each night.
    2. The last 5min before you sleep and the first 5min when you wake up, think of something positive by looking over your goals/dreams, reading a positive book, or listening to a positive audio. During these times you are in the Alpha State: your learning is three times faster and the information you think about effects your subconscious without conscious filtering.
    3. Wake up to a soft and positive alarm clock or wakeup without an alarm clock with your own mind.
    4. Don’t snooze, wake up when you need to so you are not rushed starting the day.
    5. Sleep the whole night without waking up.
    6. Sleep in a comfortable environment. Take time to find the right bed and pillow for you.
    7. Set up the perfect temperature environment so you are not too hot or too cold during your sleep.
    8. If you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, do it without completely waking up. Do you best to keep the lights off, to remain calm and stay as close to the sleeping state as possible.
    9. Going to bed within a few hours after sunset is ideal since your body will begin to release chemicals signaling that you should be sleeping.
    10. Keep a consistent sleep schedule so your body can develop efficiencies in rhythms.
  2. Health Benefits to Optimum Sleep and Rest
    1. Longer lifespan.
    2. More energy.
    3. Better mental focus.
    4. Faster recovery from workouts and increased healing speeds.
      1. When you sleep, your body releases a powerful muscle building anabolic steroid secreted by your pituitary gland called Human Growth Hormone (HGH).  HGH makes our bodies more efficient at using protein to regenerate and repair our cells and muscles.  HGH also breaks down body fat.
      2. If you want to pack on a lot of muscle, you need plenty of rest and undisturbed sleep.
    5. Enough sleep can put you in a cheerful mood, but when you’re tired, it’s easy to be irritable and pessimistic.
    6. Lowers your risk of heart attacks.  (There was a Japanese study on men aged 40-79 that found those that worked 60+ hours a week at their jobs had twice the risk of a heart attack compared to those who only worked 40 hours or less.  The men that worked 60+ hours slept five hours or less per night during the work week.)
  3. In the middle of the day, take 5-15min to completely relax your body and mind
    1. 15 minutes of Mind Controlled Relaxation (MCR) can equal a two hour nap
    2. MCR Steps
      1. Lie Down or sit comfortably and close your eyes.
      2. Relax your body from your toes to your head.
      3. Imagine yourself going down a long escalator and count from ten to one.
      4. Step off the escalator into a warm field of green grass on a beautiful sunny day.
      5. Lie down in the grass and relax your body again from your toes to your head.
      6. Imagine a cloud coming towards you and creating a soft bed made of clouds where you can float in the air.
      7. Visualize your dreams coming true.


Image taken from http://www.edforeman.com/products/ed-foreman-store/eds-8/


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