At the heart of Shoshin Ryu is the attitude of sincerity toward one another, the belief in working together for the good of all, and the driving conviction toward self improvement. In order for this system to function and improve, we will all need to contribute to its success. Although often the immediate benefit is not seen, much goes on beneath the surface. Outside of the immediate advantages to you, the primary function of membership dues is to facilitate the transfer of authentic martial art knowledge to instructors, black belts, and ultimately to you. This will be accomplished through instructors’ retreats, seminars, videos and written materials.

By supporting the researching of techniques, bunkai, oyo waza, and training methods, you will be a more effective and knowledgeable martial artist, which is what you are striving to become. Funds are also being appropriated for a permanent Dojo where residence training might occur. Plan so you can afford your training.

Local dojo have their own fees for attending classes. These fees are collected locally within each dojo, in addition to the Shoshin Ryu membership fees listed below.


Mudansha (Kyu) Membership Dues · $45 per year

Testing, twice yearly
Belts awarded with promotion
Patch (first time membership only)
Certificate of rank
Quarterly Shoshin Ryu Journal
Yudansha (Dan) Membership Dues · $125 per year

Testing, when recommended
Embroidered black belt with Shoshin Ryu kanji
Certificate of rank in kanji
Quarterly Shoshin Ryu Journal
Yudansha level training from your Sensei
Access to monthly workshops, retreats, and instructor’s courses