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”Training Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts will increase your confidence in self defense, your fitness and energy levels, and will help you develop a winning attitude. This is my personal guarantee.”  (Hollowell Sensei)

“Balaji loves to be part of your class at Shoshin Ryu Martial Arts! He watches the training DVD and practices at home too.”  (Balaji’s mom)

“Training Shoshin Ryu with Hollowell Sensei has allowed me to rediscover abilities and fitness levels that I thought were long gone.  You can imagine what this does to your confidence and I now approach daily life energized and with a really positive attitude.” (Menzies Wilson)

“I talk about Shoshin Ryu with friends because you are a great instructor.  Children and Adults benefit from your commitment to bring changes in them.”  (Nirmala Shastri)

“This place is awesome!  My son has been doing Shoshin Ryu for the past year and absolutely loves it.  It has helped him improve his focus in school and everyday activities.  Hollowell Sensei is a fantastic instructor, he’s very patient with the kids and keeps them engaged constantly.  Highly recommended!”  (Peebo. B.)

“I study Shoshin Ryu in Anchorage, Alaska and I was able to train here when I was temporarily transferred by my job. Hollowell Sensei allowed me to attend just one day a week (Sunday nights) for 3 hours (even staying late sometimes to make sure I had a good grasp on certain concepts) due to my work schedule. The training was first rate and I learned quite a bit about myself  and Shoshin Ryu. The same common curriculum between the my home dojo here in Alaska and my temporary dojo allowed for emphasis on the various things that each sensei thought were most important, but still created a solid foundation.  I  hope to be transferred back again (temporarily though) so I can continue training.  Excellent training.”  (Jerrod Whitney)

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